Benefit Advisors Network

Benico, Ltd. is a member of the Benefit Advisors Network, the premier national, credentialed network of independent benefit advisory and consulting companies. Through best practice sharing, market clout leveraging and shared capital for investments, BAN delivers the power of Smart Partners™. With industry leading tools, technology and expertise, member firms can deliver optimum results for their employee benefits customers.

Smart Partners

The Smart Partners™ of Benefit Advisors Network are the “best of the best” benefits brokers from throughout the United States. The power of the Smart Partners™ network is its unique collaboration of high caliber expertise among the most highly qualified employee benefit specialists in the industry.

While retaining their operation structures and autonomy of ownership, our members enjoy collective resource sharing, and world class services and solutions that are usually available only through national benefit brokerage firms. The economies of scale afford our members with tools, resources, peer expertise and solutions in a manner that is affordable and cost effective.

Stay Compliant

Smart Partners® stay on top of regulatory changes and help you stay current & compliant

Popular monthly compliance webinars and a Compliance Director on retainer work to your benefit. Smart Partners® are constantly updated about changes in the law with timely notices and alerts from the law firm of Marathas Barrow & Weatherhead LLP. A team of the country’s leading ERISA attorneys is continually identifying and interpreting developments that will impact you, the client.

Through direct access to Benefit Advisors Network’s Compliance Director, nationally recognized ERISA attorney Peter Marathas, Esq., and using the unique Dialogue Forums, Smart Partners® are able to post questions and receive guidance, model documents and forms to help clients meet the complex requirements of benefits law. Your local Smart Partner® is able to get answers to complex legal questions – in hours or minutes, not days.

More importantly, for you, your Smart Partner® has the tools to get you compliant and keep you up to date as things change. Through the Inform on Reform© program your Smart Partner® will send you recent developments in Heath Care Reform. Well-attended monthly webinars cover topics across the compliance spectrum, from ARRA to COBRA, HIPAA to Wellness Programs. Your Smart Partner® also has access to a comprehensive library of HR and Benefits information through HR & Benefit Essentials and an exclusive Compliance Checklist developed for Benefit Advisors Network, to ensure your bases are covered.

Effective Benefit Plans

A Smart Partner® has the ability to design and execute the most effective benefit plans for you!

As a Smart Partner®, Benico, Ltd. knows the market – trends, current research, instructive case studies, and leading edge products and services. Participating in Semi-Annual Educational Conferences, Smart Partners® hear regularly from expert consultants and industry veterans, and develop vital personal connections with other Smart Partners®. These relationships, and the work of collaborative committees, facilitate the open sharing of expertise, insight and strategies that have brought success to clients.

The advantages of working with a Smart Partner® are numerous, including helping you benchmark your benefits competitively against your peers in your industry and your region. International Benefits Institute (IBI) and Verisk Health (D2 Hawkeye) provide world class claims data mining and benchmark reporting. Your Smart Partner® also has privileged access to leading HRIS, payroll, COBRA and Flexible Benefit Administration solutions such as A.D.A.M. and CPI-HR.

Smart Partners® have all the capabilities of much larger, publicly traded brokerage house but with far greater flexibility to adapt to your specific needs – because they are focused on you as their client, not on dividend shareholders. Benefit Advisors Network has developed a full suite of customized services and specialized products that every Smart Partner® can utilize – to your advantage.

Industry Expertise

Smart Partners® can provide you with subject matter expertise for your industry, bringing you the Power of Smart Partners®.

The Subject Matter Experts within Benefit Advisors Network’s Smart Partner® community collaborate through practice groups to study specific industry trends, challenges and opportunities in the health and welfare arena. This information is then disseminated to the Smart Partner® members so that they can help your business create comprehensive and effective strategies to deal with the unique needs of your market segment.

These practice groups not only share their specialized knowledge and expertise with the members of Benefit Advisors Network they also make themselves part of your team behind the scenes. They work with your Smart Partner® to provide guidance and suggestions and most importantly, they are a source of meaningful data.

Additionally, because Benefit Advisors Network has a direct relationship with national insurance carriers, your Smart Partner® can offer you unique products and solutions – that are specific to the industries named above – providing you with an alternative to the typical off-the-shelf health and welfare products.

Control Costs

A Smart Partner® is best equipped to help you control your health care costs

With access to a full suite of Population Health Management and Worksite Wellness programs, your benefit advisor is in a position to help you strategically address the health of your population – the largest single factor driving your health care costs.

The size of Benefit Advisors Network’s aggregate business places your Smart Partner® in the driver’s seat when it comes to dealing with a growing number of national carriers. Preferred pricing, exclusive plans and products and direct access to underwriters allows your Smart Partner® to negotiate most effectively on your behalf – cutting through the red tape.

Your Smart Partner® is able to help you gain one of the most important advantages of all the cost challenges facing you and your company – KNOWLEDGE. Through Benefit Advisors Network’s strategic relationship with Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), your Smart Partner® has access to IBI’s powerful “Lost Productivity Calculator” to help you establish the business value of health.

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