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2018 FSA limit changes

The IRS posted the 2018 FSA limit changes as part of Revenue Procedure 2017-58. In follow-up, click here to view the page from the IRS Revenue Procedure 2017-58 publication documenting the 2018 FSA limit changes. We have also put together a summary for easy reference of the year-over-year changes for HSAs, FSAs, and adoption assistance […]

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IRS Increases Health FSA Contribution Limit for 2017, Adjusts Other Benefit Limits

On October 25, 2016, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released Revenue Procedure 2016-55, which raised the health Flexible Spending Account (FSA) salary reduction contribution limit to $2,600 for plan years beginning in 2017. The Revenue Procedure also released the cost-of-living (COLA) adjustments that apply to dollar limitations in certain sections of the Internal Revenue Code (Code).  The […]

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House to Vote on the Health Care Cost Reduction Act This Week

The full House of Representatives is expected to vote later this week on a health care package that includes a repeal of the medical device tax created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and provisions to strike PPACA’s limits on the reimbursement of over-the-counter drugs through account-based plans. H.R. 436, which was […]

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IRS Releases Guidance on the $2,500 Limit for Salary Reduction Contributions under Health FSAs

Earlier today the IRS released Notice 2012-40 which provides guidance on the effective date of the $2,500 limit (as indexed for inflation) on salary reduction contributions to health flexible spending arrangements (Health FSAs) under Code Section 125(i) and on the deadline for amending plans to comply with that limit.  This notice also provides relief for […]

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2013 flexible spending account (FSA) limits announced

The Affordable Care Act imposed a new limit on annual salary reduction contributions to health care flexible spending accounts (FSAs). The initial limit is $2,500 and it is indexed for inflation. This limit applies to all health care FSA plans in taxable years beginning January 1, 2013. But employers that use a fiscal year – […]

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