Lead2Health: The Best Care at the Best Price

Lead2Health: The Powerful Health Benefits Platform

The Best Care at the Best Price

Employers can no longer assume the current healthcare and health insurance systems provide the highest quality care at the lowest possible price. Employers that take an active approach to helping their employees make informed health decisions can expect positive outcomes. Lead2Health helps employers take the right steps toward achieving that goal.

Lead2Health delivers simplicity with powerful results.

Lead2Health changes the current healthcare dynamic and puts employers in the driver’s seat to improve employee health and lower costs. We’re changing healthcare outcomes by focusing on three goals:

  • Improving the overall health of the covered population
  • Providing support systems necessary for employees and dependents to access and receive higher quality care and a better healthcare experience
  • Saving money by controlling and lowering the per person spend on claims and administrative overhead

How Does Lead2Health Achieve Outcomes So Dramatically Different Than A Typical Carrier Model?

A typical carrier driven model intercepts a patient through “predictive modeling”, when their claims reach a specific larger claim threshold. Lead2Health’s consumer model is powered by Quantum Health, an industry leading Care Coordination model. Our Care Coordinators, using the Real-Time-Intercept model, proactively engage a member in the earliest stages of their healthcare journey, when critical decision making and assistance is most needed. Ultimately, this reduces healthcare confusion and empowers the member to make smarter decisions that increase care quality. This generates results that lead to plan success.

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